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Pasta d’Alba was established in the heart of Langhe in the Piedmont region in 2006 thanks to the insight of its founder Dario Mainardi and his wife Rosangela, expert in natural medicine and healthcare: to give birth - as a family-run business - to an organic artisanal pasta workshop where tradition and innovation meet. Dario and Rosangela were joined by their children Marco, Luisa and Laura who share their passion for organic food and a healthy lifestyle. Dario, with his great manual skills, closely follows the production daily: it is from his inspiration that many of the Pasta d’Alba artisan pasta products were created.

Rosangela, thanks to her studies in the field of natural food and her constant research for innovation, gave birth about five years ago to the most recent 100% gluten free certified pasta line, which count many of the most popular pasta products. From the raw material selection to the meticulous preparation process, Pasta d’Alba follows a philosophy focused on quality and taste. It uses stone-milled organic flours, whole flours, ancient grains as well as recipes only using only legumes.

Pasta d’Alba’s products are hand-made bronze die-extruded and dried at very low temperatures for more than 20 hours 

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