List of products by brand Olio Diliberto

ABOUT Olio Diliberto 

Olio Diliberto is an Italian artisan extra virgin olive producer based in the Centre of Sicily.

The history of Olio Diliberto dates back to 1880 with the great grandfather Salvatore. Based in the Centre of Sicily, the family business took a new dimension under the leadership of Giuseppe Diliberto. From planting to hand-picking of the fresh olives and cold extraction, it offers a fully integrated production process aimed at preserving the organoleptic properties of the local olive varieties. The range covers both organic and conventional farming. 

The range includes two lines: 

Mille900: a light to medium fruity, with hints of almond and a hint of grass. It is born from the blend of the best native cultivars which, combined in a sweet harmony, give rise to a product that lends itself to delight the most refined palates.

Firodidrupa: bustling oil, fruity medium intense and persistent, with hints of grass and tomato. It is the result of a wise combination of the most popular cultivar of the Caltanissetta area.

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