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PAOLO BONOMELLI Artisan Olive Oil Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Location: Torri del Benaco
Type of Farming: Conventional
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Located in Torri del Benaco, on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, it benefits from a unique microclimate which gives its oils their particular character. Paolo Bonomelli’s boutique olive farm produces around 120 hectoliters a year with around 4,500 trees. He grows mainly local varieties, namely Drizzàr (also named Casaliva), Trep and Fort.

When Paolo Bonomelli founded the olive farm in 1990, he built on the heritage of old local trees to develop his grove and focused his production process on the highest quality. The farm works with specialized professionals and is equipped with all the facilities and requirements necessary to ensure the complete monitoring of the production process “from the olive tree to bottle”. This approach together with an extreme attention to detail are the recipes for its success. It feels like a nursery for olive trees. Every tree has a tag with a number and color to identify it. The same care is taken during the harvesting and extraction process. It is possible to trace the full history of each bottle produced via the monitoring system, from the time of harvest (done by hand picking), to the name of the harvester and the time of milling and filtering. The impressive list of awards from across the globe is a great testimony to Paolo Bonomelli’s passion for excellence.


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