A guide to buying the best artisan jams and marmalades

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In the search for exceptional jams and marmalades, we have visited many producers, trade shows and artisan markets. It always comes back to sourcing the best quality fruits and preparing them without any compromise, seeking to preserve their natural taste.  

Everything starts with the fruit

One of the critical advantages of artisan jam and marmelade producers lies in their ability to source some of the very fruits at the peak of their taste, as opposed to long supply chain where the fruit may not reach its full maturation. Our partner Moulins Mahjoub produces its own fruits and vegetables and can prepare them within a few hours. 

No compromise

Jams and marmalades traditionally include only fruit and sugar. This means that their texture will vary depending on the fruit varieties and the preparation process. For instance, a bitter orange marmalade tends to be relatively thick whereas mulberry jam rather soft.

In the search for unique taste

Meeting customers during tastings in fine food stores and delicatessen, we often hear similar ways of expressing what exceptional taste means. It is often associated with memories of particular fruit of jam enjoyed in one's childhood or holidays. Its recognition is immediate. It is often driven by the taste of the fruit and sometimes by flavour combination. 

Creativity and innovation

Our partner aix&terra from Provence have been working together with Michelin starred chef Julien Allano for many years to develop new interpretations of classical recipes from the South of France. The apricot jam with calissons combines the sweetness of the fruit with crunchy piece of the classical pastry from Aix. The raspberry jam with lemon from Menton follows a slightly different path by adding a fresh citrusy flavour to the red berries. 


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