Extra virgin olive oil in the United Kingdom

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Market segmentation

The retail market for extra virgin olive oil can be divided into three broad categories: 1/ large international brands 2/ supermarket own label and 3/ speciality brands. The first 2 categories represent the largest portion of sales and tend to follow an active promotional cycle. Their focus tends to be on price, although a recent trend has seen the emergence of an interesting segmentation. On one hand large international brands distribute blends from a large variety of countries. On the other hand, some retailers have launched PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) olive oil to highlight a particular terroir. The speciality market displays a large number of small brands and producers from the main producing countries, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Turkey.

Olive oil vs fine wine

The taste and aroma of extra virgin olive oils offers an impressive diversity reflecting the different variety of olives, the region of origin and the production methods and potential blending. During our tasting sessions, we often notice customers' surprise when discovering the fruitiness, spiciness and bitterness of a good extra virgin olive oil, which are its most important positive attributes. This experience can be the beginning of a culinary journey to discover new flavours, food pairings and a combination of several extra virgin olive oils to suit your cooking style. 

Olive oil as a gift

A premium extra virgin olive oil found can be a perfect gift for a special occasion or a dinner party. It can create an opportunity to share your interest in authentic fine foods and gift to your loved ones they can enjoy every day. We offer a large selection of gift sets to discover a region or a producer. 

Restaurant chefs and extra virgin olive oil

Most gourmet restaurants regularly use extra virgin olive oil in their dishes, whether for cooking or finishing. Unlike Mediterranean countries, it is less common to find extra virgin olive oil on the table or even mentioned specifically in menus. This could be a new avenue for restaurants to demonstrate the quality and provenance of their ingredients. 


Extra virgin olive oil market segmentation, olive oil gifts and extra virgin olive oil use in restaurants



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