The Artisan Olive Oil Company launches new range of Spanish extra virgin olive oils and vinegars by Oro Bailen in the UK

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London, February 25th, 2018: 

The Artisan Olive Oil Company launches new range of Spanish extra virgin olive oils and vinegars by Oro Bailen in the UK

The Artisan Olive Oil Company is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of Oro Bailen extra virgin olive oils in the UK market. Building on its success in the premium extra virgin olive oils market, Oro Bailen, based in Jaen, Andalusia, has expanded its premium early harvest range Reserva Familiar (family reserve) to include two new monocultivar oils, Reserva Familiar Hojiblanca (an intense green fruity early harvest oil) and Reserva Familiar Frantoio (a medium green fruity from an Italian variety grown in the Oro Bailen estate in Andalusia). The Reserva Familiar range, which also includes Arbequina (2 Great Taste Star winner) and Picual (ranked among the world’s 3 best olive oils by Evooleum in 2018 and 2019 and the best Spanish olive oil for 2019 by Iberoleum) is available at retail prices starting at £16.00 for 500ml bottle. Oro Bailen has also updated the Reserva Familiar labels with a fresh modern look, making the 4 varieties even easier to recognise. The Reserva Familiar extra virgin olive oils are produced from an early harvest, cold extracted within a few hours, filtered and preserved in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks with an inert gas to protect their natural taste and quality throughout the shelf life. They display an excellent chemical profile with a very low acidity (below 0.2%) and a complex sensory profile which is regularly awarded in the most prestigious international olive oil guides and competitions. 

In addition, it has also launched a new extra virgin olive oil (a monoculativar picual, available in 500ml at £6.95 as well as larger formats for restaurants), and a 24 months aged Jerez vinegar available under its second brand Casa del Agua.

About Oro Bailen

Oro Bailen is a Spanish premium extra virgin olive producer based in Jaen, Andalusia. It is a specialised in the production of early harvest extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality. It is currently one of the most awarded olive oil producers in the world, winning gold medals in many of the world’s most prestigious olive oil competitions, from Spain, to the UK, US, Japan. In the United Kingdom, Oro Bailen’s products are distributed in department stores such as Harrods, fine food stores such as Bayley & Sage and used in gourmet restaurants.

About the Artisan Olive Oil Company

The Artisan Olive Oil Company imports and distributes natural and organic Mediterranean ingredients,  foods and premium olive oils from France, Italy, Spain and Tunisia. We work with exceptional producers which count among the most awarded in their field.

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Launch of 2 new premium award-winning extra virgin olive oil, 1 new high quality everyday extra virgin olive oil and 1 new 24 months aged Jerez vinegar. 


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