Moulins Mahjoub Organic M'hamsa Giant Couscous 500g


The organic hand-rolled, sun-dried Mhamsa couscous (500g) is produced by Moulins Mahjoub in Tebourba, in the Northern part of Tunisia. Mhamsa was produced by the Berbers of the Maghreb, a high mountainous region, stretching from the Atlas to the Mediterranean sea and covering parts of modern days Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The Berbers, living in the Mountains, descended to the valleys to gather wheat and preserve it. Over generations, the Berbers learned that by grinding the wheat, they could preserve it for years protecting it from seasonal hazards such as drought. Today, Moulins Mahjoub produces their Mhamsa couscous in the original method of the Berbers from Tebourba, in large grains. Hand-rolling semolina flour with olive oil, water and salt on screens, letting the small grains fall through, then adding flour and rolling again until a consistent size grain is formed. The couscous grains are then coated by two ancient and reliable preservatives that Berbers used, olive oil and salt. The Mhamsa is then sun-dried, giving a rich full and nutty flavour when cooked.

The Mhamsa is easier and faster to prepare than pasta, simply add the Mhamsa to boiling water. Cover it and bring it to boil, turn off the heat and let it rest for seven to ten minutes. Add extra virgin olive oil, salt and one of the Moulins Mahjoub organic sauces and serve it with your favourite meat or fish.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, olive oil, salt, water . Allergens: Contains Wheat

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