Great Taste Award Winners

Every year, the Guild of Fine Foods brings together a panel of over 500 experts ranging from chefs, buyers, food writers to retailers to review more than 10,000 products. The most appreciated products receive stars which are easily recognised by consumers and buyers as a highly respected seal of approval

Due Vittorie Oro Balsamic Vinegar

Due Vittorie Apple Cider Vinegar

Due Vittorie Oro Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena IGP

Due Vittorie Apple Cider Vinegar

Black Truffle Oil Aix&Terra

aix&terra eggplant dip with black truffle

Black Truffle Oil Aix&Terra

Eggplant Dip With Black Truffle Aix&Terra

aix&terra truffle duo

Moulins Mahjoub organic fig jam

Organic Fig Jam Moulins Mahjoub

Moulins Mahjoub bitter orange marmalade

Oro Bailen Arbequina olive oil

Bitter Orange Marmalade By Moulins Mahjoub

Oro Bailen Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oro Bailen olive oil gift set 2 x100ml

Oro Bailen Olive Oil Gift Set