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Lemon marmalade by Moulins Mahjoub
  • Lemon marmalade by Moulins Mahjoub

Lemon marmalade by Moulins Mahjoub

The lemon marmalade of Moulins Mahjoub is a tangy and intensely fruity creation. It is perfectly suited for a brown bread or taste or a fresh cheese for an original dessert. The sunny weather of Northern Tunisia gives its lemons an exceptional taste. The marmalade carries the fruit freshness and offers a unique combination of subtle sweetness with the fruit sharp bitterness.

Based in Tebourba in the lush Medjerda Valley in the North of Tunisia, Moulins Mahjoub is an organic farm which produces natural ingredients and recipe typical of the Southern Mediterranean cuisine. Inspired by the Berber tradition,  Moulins Mahjoub has been developing its recipes over close to 30 years seeking to share the authentic and natural taste of the Tunisian food. As with all of the Mahjoub products, they are produced using traditional farming methods with no additives or artificial processes. The Moulins Mahjoub ingredients are used by chefs around the world.


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Moulins Mahjoub
Farming type
Available Formats
Food pairing
Toast, bread, baguette, scones, cheese, muffins, shortbread
Lemon marmalade, sugar

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By on  07 Mar 2019 (Lemon marmalade by Moulins Mahjoub) :

Very fresh and fruity taste

Quickly adopted this lemon marmalade for breakfast on bread or yoghurt

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