aix&terra Fig Pulp Vinegar 200ml


This fig pulp vinegar by aix&terra is made from ripe figs and has a rich golden colour brimming with a fresh fig flavour. Create extraordinary dressings, salsas and glazes with fresh, premium fig pulp vinegar from aix&terra.

aix & terra is located on the famous nationale 7, one of the most popular culinary destinations of the Provence. The company was founded by Richard and Marina Alibert. From a passion for taste and natural produce, the couple swapped their Parisian life for a beautiful gastronomic adventure. Together with Julien Allano, they partnered up with small fruit and vegetable producers to develop original recipes to bring you the best cuisine  from the South of France.

 Ingredients: Purple fig pulp (40%), cane sugar, spirit vinegar (32%) (sulphite), gelling agent: pectin.