Moulins Mahjoub Organic Early Harvest Tunisian Chetoui Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

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The Moulins Mahjoub organic early harvest extra virgin olive oil (new 2020/2021 harvest) is produced from hand-picked Chétoui olives grown in the Medjerda Valley of northern Tunisia. It follows the traditional olive oil production method using grinding of small quantities between two large granite millstones. The extra virgin olive liquid is then decanted by hand in a process called “à la feuille.” The finished product is an elegant, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil with a green apple colour and a soft, long finish on the palate. We recommend it with salads, fish or for dipping together with a balsamic vinegar. As with all of the Mahjoub products, this is made using traditional farming methods with no additives or artificial processes.

Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil