Tasty recipes start with a well-stocked pantry which can lift your daily dishes to another level. For example, take a simple pasta dish and try an artisan gluten-free fusilli and cook like a chef from the comfort of your kitchen . Stock up your cupboard with artisan tuna, pasta, olive oil or passata, and you’ll notice an immediate improvement to your dishes. 

Here is our take on the 10 pantry essentials. Have you tried them?

1. Due Vittorie Apple Cider Vinegar

Due Vittorie Apple Cider Vinegar

A deliciously fresh Italian apple vinegar, aged in oak barrels. Perfect for your salads, fruit desserts, ice cream and cocktails. 3 Great Taste Stars 2020. 

£5.30 : buy it here



2. Organic Preserved Lemons

natural reserved lemons

Chef's secret ingredient. Try them with you salads, grilled fish and tagines.

£6.50 for 400g: buy it here

3. Organic passata

Produced from traditional farming, on the Mahjoub organic farm in Tunisia. Hand-made from juicy tomatoes harvested at the peak of their taste. Free of any additives or preservatives

£4.45 for 600g: buy it here

4. Mediterranean sardines

El Manar

Gourmet Mediterranean sardines preserved in olive oil, prefect on a toasted bread, a savoury tart or in your salad

£2.75g for 125g: buy it here

5. Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

Fiordidrupa primiza extra virgin olive oil 500ml Italian First Cold Pressed Olive Oil from Sicily

An intensely fruity new harvest extra virgin olive oil, a perfect finishing and dipping olive oil full of flavours

£14.75  for 500ml: buy it here

6. Wild mountain capers

Preserved only in sea salt to retain their natural flavour. Try them in salad and with fish dishes

£4.65 for 100g: buy it here

7. Organic artichoke hearts


Hearts from Òviollette organic artichokes harvested between mid-February to mid-May on the Mahjoub family farm in Tunisia. Delicious in salad, as a gratin with cheese or simply as an anti-pasti

From £5.99 for 200g: buy it here


8. Blue Fin Tuna

El Manar Extra Solid (Bluefin) Tuna in Virgin Olive Oil is produced from freshly caught blue fin Mediterranean tuna caught in early summer off the Tunisian coast. The delicious and high-quality tuna is a rich source of lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. It is a rare delicacy with limited production.

£4.50 for 160g: buy it here

9. Organic gluten free turmeric and rice fusilli

Gluten Free Organic Rice and Turmeric Fusilli Pasta d'Alba


Organic Gluten Free Rice and Turmeric fusilli are a delicious, nutritious and healthy pasta alternative. They are hand-made in Italy and certified organic and are as easy to prepare as classical pasta: just boil them for 8-10 minutes. As with the full Pasta d'Alba range, it slow-dried at low temperatures, bronze-die extruded and free of GMO

£3.70 for 250g: buy it here

 10. Due Vittorie Oro Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP 

Due Vittorie Utra dense balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP 250ml

Italy's best-selling balsamic vinegar, is aged in wooden barrels and 100% natural. With a very high density of 1.33, it has a perfectly balanced taste which makes it highly versatile. Try it on parmiggiano reggiano cheese, Parma ham, salads, strawberries and vanilla ice cream

£12.95 for 250ml: buy it here 

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