Bono PDO Val di Mazara Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 litres tin

By Bono

The PDO Val di Mazara extra virgin olive oil (new harvest 2023/2024) in a 3 litres tin is a balanced extra virgin olive oil whose character is perfectly suited to Queen Galerana, the paladin chosen to represent it on the label. It is defined as balanced as it combines several herbal scents in total harmony. It was created within the PDO Val di Mazara area, which includes the province of Palermo and the western part of the province of Agrigento and represents one of the excellences of the territory. Sweet at first taste, it then follows on to bitter and spicy notes. It adapts well to any dish and its strength lies in being able to moderate bitterness, enhancing even the most delicate flavours. Versatile by nature, it is an oil that can be used on any dish. However, it particularly enhances sauces and marinades, especially those with rocket salad.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil

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