We are delighted to see Oro Bailen's arbequina extra virgin olive oil, one of our most popular premium olive oils featured in the list of the best olive oils in the taste analysis by the Times published in January 2022.

Oro Bailen's arbequina extra virgin olive oil is an early harvest single estate, single variety cold extracted olive oil produced near Jaen in Andalusia in October 2021. It is a delicious mild to medium fruity olive oil with a slightly spicy finish which is very versatile. It is particularly well-suited for salads, grilled fish and chicken.

The early havest arbequina has won Great Taste Awards in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 in adddition to many international recognitions. 

Oro Bailen arbequina extra virgin olive oil is produced in the very first weeks of the harvest, typically in October. It is cold extracted within 2 hours and filtered in order to preserve its taste and nutritional benefits through its shelf life. This means that a significantly lower quantity of oil is produced from the green to purple olives compared to more mature olives. This particular production process also give the Oro Bailen arbequina its distinctive taste and delicious fruitiness.