Most of our early harvest oils are produced between October and early December. The timing is driven by the region of Provenance, the olive variety as well as weather conditions. In Andalusia, our partner Oro Bailen, one of the world's most awarded olive oil producers, starts with a mini mill, extracting a small quantity of oil every day from the beginning of October to find the optimal profile. Once it has been identified, the harvest happens very quickly and the oil is cold extracted within a few hours to capture its full freshness.

For our review of the 2021/2022, we have selected a few of our early harvest olive oils.


Frantoio Franci, our partner from Tuscany, has launched a new delicate early harvest extra virgin olive oil: Bella. Delicate, fresh, fruity with a slightly spicy finish, it is a delicious Italian olive oil which can be used on most dishes and in particular salads and anti-pasti. 

Franci Delicate Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil New Harvest 2021/2022
We have also brought in Anteprima 2022, which is the very oil produced by Frantoio Franci. It is a medium to to intensely fruity oil, created from the Frantoio,  Moraiolo and Leccino varieties. This is perfect Tuscan oil for dipping or drizzling on tomato and mozzarella. 
We have been busy tasting the new olive juices from Andalusia by Oro Bailen. We wanted to highlight two of their monocultivars in particular: the 2021/2022 arbequina with a beautifully fruity flavour which has made one of our most-popular premium olive oils; the second one is the picual, the flagship premium olive  oil of Oro Bailen, elegant and complex taste with herbal and fruity aromas and a spicy finish.