Ursini olive oil producer

The Artisan Olive Oil expands its range of Italian premium olive oils and delicatessen working with the Ursini family from the Abruzzo region in the South of Italy. The art of producing olive oil dates back to the 19th century and is currently represented by Giuseppe Ursini, the oil master. Using the local olive varieties, Ursini produces a range of mono-cultivar as well as coupage olive oils of exceptional quality. 

Olive oil harvest at Ursini at Abruzzo

We will be offering their novello which is made at the very beginning of the harvest in October, as well as their 3 award-winnings Grand Crus: Tandem Olea, Solo Intosso and Opera Mastra


Olio FrescoOpera MastraSolo IntossoTandem Olea

In addition, you will also find a range of organic gourmet pasta sauces (basil, putanesca, marinara, arrabiatapesto and spacatella. 

Puttanesca Bio

and olives (Leccino, pitted green olives, Bella di Cerignolagreen olives from Sicily)  . We hope you will love them as much as we do. 

DenocciolateBella di Cerignola