Oro Bailen

Oro Bailen comes from the heartland of the Spanish olive production near Jaén in Andalusia. Its olive groves benefit from an exceptional location at the foothills of the Sierra Morena, at an altitude of 400 meters at the border between the Castilian Plateau and the Valley of the Guadalquivir. The climate in this area is largely determined by the peculiar structure of the valley, which, thanks to its ocean opening, allows cloud masses to enter, crossing the corridor from West to East aided by the dominant winds and causing important rainfalls during the Spring and Autumn.


Its 2 farms ‘Los Juncales’ and ‘La Casa del Agua’ follow the traditional planting framework (10 meters’ x 10 meters frame) and are completely irrigated, offering a spectacular regularity both in the harvest and in its quality. Although not yet ecological, Oro Bailen is produced with a philosophy of respect for the environment aimed at an integrated production system and monitored by an external department trained by biologists and agricultural engineers.


Extra Virgin Olive Oils

José Gálvez, its manager, is part of the third generation of the Gálvez-González family in the olive oil production. Back in 2002, a decision was taken to focus on premium extra virgin olive oils, including not only the idea of producing a different product, but also that of a new way of understanding this olive juice, which for so many centuries has formed part of the Mediterranean culture and is an identifying mark of its cuisine. This has led to a fully integrated production system from the farming to the bottling guaranteeing a perfect traceability to the consumer.

Oro Bailen is one of the world's most-awarded olive oil producers. In 2020, its picual was ranked the world's best olive oil by Evooleum. In the 2021 edition of Flos Olei, it received a score of 99 points out of 100 and its picual was ranked world's best quality / quantity olive oil. Its hojiblanca (mild), arbequina (mild to medium) and frantoio monocultivar extra virgin olive oils received Great Taste Awards in 2020 in addition to many other international recognition. 

Oro Bailen's extra virgin olive oil are typically produced in October, in the first two weeks of harvest. They are cold extracted within 2 hours to capture the freshness and complexity of exceptional olives at the peak of their taste.