Mhamsa, also known as "semolina couscous," is a type of grain that is commonly eaten in North Africa, particularly in Tunisia and Algeria. It is made from durum wheat semolina that has been hand-rolled and then lightly rubbed with olive oil and water, giving it a slightly coarse texture.

Mhamsa is often used in traditional North African dishes, such as couscous or tajine, and can be served with a variety of vegetables, meats, and sauces. It can also be used in salads or as a side dish, and is known for its versatility and ability to absorb flavours.

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In addition to its culinary uses, mhamsa has also been used in traditional medicine in North Africa, and is believed to have various health benefits. It is a good source of protein, fibre, and carbohydrates, and is also rich in vitamins and minerals, such as iron and magnesium.

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