Every year, we taste a large number of olives oil, from around the Mediterranean and many from Spain. Andalusia, as the largest region for the production of extra virgin olive oil, is also home to some of the very best Spanish olive oil. This year, we have been particularly impressed with Oro Bailen's organic picual extra virgin olive oil. This oil is a relatively new project from Oro Bailen. It comes from a special plot of land near Jaen. This monocultivar olive oil of the picual variety has been produced in late October 2022. As is the case for all Oro Bailen olive oils, it is a very early harvest which is cold extracted (below 20 degrees). The whole production process from the tree to the creation of the oil only takes a few hours. Olives are treated with extreme care to avoid any damage which could result in the beginning of an oxidation process. The oil is filtered and stored in temperature controlled tank until the time of bottling. 

Best Organic Spanish Olive Oil


The new 2022/2023 harvest is particularly fruity, with a beautiful balance, a slightly spicy finish. It is also available in an elegant gift box. It has won many awards  including Extra Gold at BIOL, the international organic olive oil competition, and a platinum medal at the London International Olive Oil Competition in 2022.