Gluten free pasta alternatives have expanded significantly over the recent years and can offer a large choice of flavours and shapes. They can also bring a higher contribution in fibres and proteins compared to traditional pasta based on wheat. 

Delicious gluten free pasta recipes

After tasting a large selection of gluten-free pasta, we cam to the conclusion that they can be divided into two categories in terms of taste. On one hand, many brands offer pasta made of rice and corn flour, which are naturally gluten free. This category is the closest in taste to traditional pasta but typically requires a longer cooking time. The second category have a more pronounced taste which reflects its main ingredients, such as red lentils or green peas. Both types of gluten free pasta can be enjoyed with corresponding recipes. For more classical dishes, with strongly flavoured sauces, rice and corn gluten free pasta are probably a good choice since they are more neutral in taste. If you prefer a pasta dishes with many vegetables and you are looking for the vegetable taste, the second category may be more appropriate. 

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Pasta Natura Organic Gluten Free Green peas penne

Gluten Free green peas pasta

Pasta Natura Organic Gluten Free Red lentil fusilli

Pasta Natura Organic Gluten Free Rice and Corn Tagliatelle

Pasta Natura Organic Gluten Free Rice and Corn Spaghetti

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